Earlier in the week, 19-year-old Russian shooter, Vitalina Batsarashkina wowed the world with her wonderful marksmanship and obtained a silver medal at the Olympics at the 10m Air Pistol event. What makes this have any relevance to video gaming? Well, she appears to really dig The Witcher. In the picture of her below, she is rocking a pendant featuring the wolf medallion from The Witcher.

Witcher, Olympics

If you need some more proof as to whether or not she is a fan of the series, there is another image of the wolf on one of the blinders on her glasses. It is a remarkably detailed design of the signia.


Wolf, The Witcher

Astute readers will also note that on the blinder next to her right temple is yet another image. This time, the image depicts American McGee’s Alice, yet another game that she may be a fan of.

It’s always a blast to see gaming culture leak to the mainstream, albeit in a subtle way. Hopefully over time, more closet gamers start to reveal themselves to the world. We wish Batsarashkina all the future successes and hope that should a werewolf invasion occur, she’ll use her knowledge to banish them away with her silver medal!

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