Riot is constantly making changes and scheduling updates to League of Legends. Champions are updated roughly every month, one or two at a time. Three champions are being updated in the near future and we are excited to learn more about it.

Caitlyn is getting some small buffs, and Riot is reworking skillshots with the new missile system. Also in the unseen future is a change to Abysmal Scepter. It’ll stay on the PBE for now, with no release date in sight to the live part of the game.

The champs that are being updated will be Gangplank, who is getting a visual update as well as a gameplay update. It will be exciting to see the visual update and the gameplay update. Miss Fortune is getting a minor visual update, so nothing game changing. Poppy is also getting both a visual and gameplay update. There is no news on what any of the updates will be.

As for the skillshots, Gosu uploaded a video of Ashe’s ult going directly through the enemy Morderkeiser. It’s an on-hit effect, unlike Ezreal’s ult. This is a bug that currently exists on live, and Riot is saying that fixing a bug like this requires a lot of change.

If you fix some bugs, other bugs come up. Even worse bugs. Unless we re-write it. Which we’ve done. Huzzah!

Huzzah indeed!

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