The third part of Square Enix’s character introductions are here; tomorrow is Dissidia Final Fantasy’s release in Japanese arcades. We have seen the various representatives for the previous games including Warrior of Light, Cloud and Zidane. Here is the last batch of videos:

Tidus of the Zanarkand Abes, the warrior who traversed time in a world cowering in fear of Sin. Tidus, much like his form in the original Dissidia games is a quick hitter. Emphasizing on his heightened mobility and dodging prowess. His moveset forces him to constantly be on the move, dodge and weave around to keep his opponents on the defensive. Tidus utilizes a dash gauge that enables him to swiftly dash and sidestep around with his various brave and health attacks.

Shantotto the rhyme slamming Tarutaru whose black magic is as explosive as her temper. Making her debut from the original Dissidia, her gimmick and moveset has changed considerably. In this game, Shantotto is a magic user whose strength lies in sacrificing bits of her health to enrage her abilities. As a further extension, she has the ability to grow into ‘Colossal Shantotto’ to expand the range of her devastating magical abilities.

Vaan the sky pirate in training debuts from Dissidia Duodecim and returns with some changes. Vaan’s moveset removes all of his extra weapon mastery. Instead, Vaan now specializes in the one-handed sword and magic. The point of this variant of Vaan is to capitalize on his two health attacks; something not available for the rest of the cast. His health attacks gains strength from dishing out successful hits prior. On top of this, his special ability allows Vaan to keep his brave attack damage fixed at the current number so long as Vaan is active.

Lightning the battle hardened valkyrie champion returns alongside Vaan from Duodecim. Lightning’s paradigm shift mechanic returns with her ability to change between ravager and commando. Her speedy paradigm shifts enable her to poke at enemies with her ravager magic so she can get in close with her commando mode to overwhelm the enemy. In the original she also had the medic mode to shift into, the video doesn’t quite show it off. So it’s still up in the air regarding her old ability to increase her brave damage.

Y’shtola the cultivated conjurer of the Scions of the Seven Dawns. A brand new addition to the cast of Dissidia characters, her strength lies in her ‘keep-away’ game. Utilizing magic, she’ll send relentless barrages of magic that can easily pressure opponents into coming after her. Her unique, special skill is called ‘Aetherial Pulse’ which decimates the area with magic feedback.

So that’s all 14 leading up to release date. There very well might be one more to celebrate the 26th of November. It could be Ramza Beoulve who was revealed a while ago or it could follow the trend and show us Noctis from Final Fantasy XV. Either way, hopefully the game does well in Japan and makes its way over to the west!

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