Star Wars Battlefront is set to be a heavily multiplayer-focused game. It will include single-player sure, but online is where we expect the real fun to be at. DICE has recently spoken about Star Cards – the new system being used for Star Wars Battlefront’s multiplayer weapon and power-up unlocks.

Speaking to OXM, Sigurlina Ingvarsdottir – producer of Star Wars Battlefront – explained how it will all work.

“You have three cards, so we don’t have classes, but as you progress in the game you are able to unlock more and more of these cards. Your shields, your grenades, your jetpacks – all of these are cards, and you combine them into what you feel is a good kit for you going into battle. That’s how you basically create  the loadout that goes with how you like to play the game.”

Ingvarsdottir also explains that players can share these hands (of three cards) with their partners; partners being Battlefront’s two-man replacement for Battlefield’s four-man squads.

“You have pre-selected hands that you bring into battle and your partner can share your hand. That becomes a very interesting dynamic in two situations: one, when you’re both up to speed and kit yourselves out to complement each other as a really cool unit. Or, if you are bringing a friend into the game who hasn’t played before, then you are able to give them a taste of the game by sharing unlocks that you have.”

Sounds like an interesting way of approaching online multiplayer. Fingers crossed DICE does not decide to charge players for these cards (or provide the option of charging them) because that would likely create a pay-to-win scenario. Either way, color us intrigued.

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