The latest PS2 title to make the jump to PS4 is actually seven games as one. The Metal Slug Anthology will release July 5.

Revealed during the latest episode of PlayStation Blogcast (via EGM), the Metal Gear Anthology contains Metal Gear 1, 2, X, 3, 4, 5, and 6. “With all the bells and whistles,” the anthology will feature upscaled graphics, trophy support, share-button support and everything else expected of a full PS4 release.

While the original Metal Slug dates back to the Neo Geo arcade system in 1996, the collection released on the PS2, in 2002 and later came to the PSP and Wii. Side-scrolling shooters, the Metal Slug games allow both single player and two-player co-op.

Along with the seven games, the anthology will also include an art gallery, a sound gallery, and a readable interview with some of the games’ designers.

Early last month, the PS2 adventure game, Psychonauts launched on the PS4, following a bit of confusion with the release date announcement. Other recently added titles include the likes of Manhunt, Bully, Max Payne, The King of Fighters 2000, and, most recently, horror game Siren. As we find out more about what PS2 titles are headed to to PS4 next, you’ll find it all right here on Gamespresso.

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