When Destiny first launched, Bungie marketed it as an inherently social experience. Though many disagree, there are four character emotes that try to support that statement: sitting, greeting, pointing, and dancing. The last of these, as shown in the below video, is the most effective, and most hilarious.

One particular Destiny player enters Patrol mode on Venus by himself (or so he would have us believe, with some incredibly clever movie magic at 0:59). This patrol is cut short when he finds a guest beckoning him into the ruins of the Ishtar Academy.

What follows is a hilariously-choreographed dance sequence with 5 of the Youtuber’s Raid buddies, complete with explosive Super uses, synchronised light shows using various weapons with coloured ammunition, and a wonderful soloist in the middle.

All to the tune of Gwen Stefani. Brilliant.

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