The new free-to-play fighting game, Rising Thunder, is now in open alpha. Rising Thunder will differ from other fighting games because of its emphasis on strategy, rather than button-mashing combos.

To sign up for apha, visit Rising Thunder’s website and register account. Players who meet the minimum requirements will get a chance to test out the game. However, the game is still undergoing development so “that means that we’re still rapidly improving the game, adding new content and optimizing the game’s performance.” If you experience any bugs or issues, contact the team’s FAQ page to help prepare the game for beta.

As mentioned earlier, Rising Thunder will focus more one strategy rather than precisely-timed combos. Many of popular fighting games have a high learning curve because new players must memorize and learn combos and button timing. Rising Thunder hopes to open up the genre to less experienced players, and change how fighting games are played.

While Rising Thunder will be free-to-play, the developers have already mentioned that players can purchase cosmetic upgrades. These upgrades will have no impact on actual gameplay.

Keep checking in with Gamespresso for more Rising Thunder updates.



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