With the sales hitting 2 million copies, Arma III developer Bohemia Interactive has announced two new free expansions for the game.

Nexus and Eden are the two free updates coming out, with Nexus launching in November, and Eden in early 2016. Nexus will have significant improvements, featuring protective equipment, stamina/fatigue, an updated version of units, and an updated version of Arma III’s endgame multiplayer.

Eden will add an Eden 3D Editor, giving players much more control over creation then they had in the 2D scenario editor found in past games. Arma III also has a paid expansion launching in Q2 2016, Apex, which will slate it for a April-June launch date.

Apex is expected to have more vehicles, weapons, characters, a new map, and a new co-op campaign. The price point and more information for the next paid Arma III expansion will be announced next year.

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