Day 4 of the Steam Summer Sale has officially begun! There’s a whole new wave of daily and flash deals as well as more extra deals from the Monster community game.

Like with every day so far the previous day’s sales are still available for today only so be sure to check out our list from yesterday to see what you missed. Also remember some of the best sales will be included in the Steam Summer Sale Encore on the final day.

Today the daily deals includes the Far Cry, Sid Meir’s Civilization, Call of Duty and Alien Franchises. All these Franchise sales include decent discounts on the newest additions to each franchise.

The Far Cry Franchise includes Far Cry 4 with a 50% discount, all other previous Far Cry games have a 75% discount on their heads.

Sid Meir’s Civilization Franchise includes Beyond Earth with a 60% discount and Civilization V, along with the complete edition with all the DLC, both have a 75% discount slapped onto them. For anyone looking to get into the Civilization games now is a great time to pick a game up.

The Call of Duty Franchise sale does exclude Black Ops 3 however all previous games have a 51% discount. There is a bundle for all games in the Franchise with a 25% discount, it still has a pretty hefty price tag on it though.

The Alien Franchise sale includes Alien Isolation with a nice 75% discount on its price. Alien: Colonial Marines also has a 75% discount on it’s head and the other Alien games have a 50% discount.

There are plenty of other games available in the daily sale however so here are the rest:

  • The Vanishing of Ethan Carter at 66% off
  • Endless Legend at 50% off
  • Grim Fandango Remastered at 50% off
  • Transistor at 75% off
  • Reign of Kings at 40% off
  • The Banner Saga at 75% off
  • Left 4 Dead 2 at 80% off
  • Game Dev Tycoon at 50% off
  • Insurgency at 75%off
  • H1Z1 at 50% off
  • Fable Anniversary at 75% off

The current Flash sales includes the Warhammer Franchise with games being on sale for between 50% and 66% off. It also includes Facerig which is a piece of software for Skype that replaces you with any built in character the software has; it tracks your head, facial expressions and mouth.

The other games in the flash sale are as follows:

  • How to Survive at 95% off
  • Town of Salem at 50% off
  • Luftrausers at 75% off
  • Thief at 75% off
  • Wargame: Red Dragon at 75% off
  • Defence Grid 2 at 70% off
  • State of Decay at 70% off
  • Red Faction Guerrilla Steam Edition at 80% off
  • Train Simulator 2015: Standard Edition at 80% off
  • Bully Scholarship Edition at 80% off
  • Murdered Soul Suspect at 80% off
  • Super Meat Boy at 90% off
  • Gauntlet at 75% off

The Monster game has also unlocked more sales so if what you’ve read so far hasn’t been too interesting then hopefully some of these games will be!

  • Plants V Zombies: Game of the Year Edition at 78% off
  • Prototype 2 at 76% off
  • Lost Planet 3 at 75% off
  • Evoland at 75% off
  • Gas Guzzlers Extreme at 80% off
  • J.U.L.I.A.: Among The Stars at 75% off
  • King’s Bounty: Dark Side at 80% off
  • Sanctuary RPG Black Edition at 50% off
  • Survivalist at 40% off


Well that’s all from the sales today, if today’s daily, flash and monster community event sales haven’t been of too much interest to you then hopefully tomorrow will hold a few more nice sales. Remember to check back tomorrow as well for another big discount list!

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