Sylvester Stallone’s famous character, John Rambo might be appearing in a new television show. Stallone is involved in talks to bring the character to the small screen. The series would take place in the same universe as the Rambo films, revolving around his Navy SEAL son and himself, as well as the relationship between them.

Stallone hasn’t stated whether he will appear in the series, however it has been stated that he will not be reprising his role as Rambo. He did however reprise another of his famed roles earlier this month in Creed, as an aging Rocky Balboa. Stallone wrote the first six Rocky movies, as well as created the character of Rocky Balboa. He also co-wrote the screenplays for the first three Rambo films and wrote the story for the fourth installation.

A plan for a supposed fifth film in the series, called Rambo: Last Blood, that would star Stallone was in the process of being developed as well. However due to the recent development of the show, the project for the movie has been put on hold. As to when the project will resume, or if it will, that is unknown for the time being.

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