The twentieth Elusive Target mission is now available in Hitman. This time, Agent 47 has to travel to Bangkok to take out “The Warlord,” aka. Adeze Oijofor.

Oijofor, who also goes by the name Nne Obara, controls groups of West African militants and bandits, as well as a considerably large portion of the rare earth trading operations in that region. She also wants to form an alliance with a previous Elusive Target, Richard Ekwensi.

Players will not only have to kill Oijofor but also retrieve several maps and digital files. These files are purported to contain information on Oijofor’s West African network. As with all Elusive Targets, players will only have one chance to complete the mission.

The Warlord Elusive Target mission will run for seven days, from now until February 17 at 5am PT. In order to participate, players will either need to own Episode 4: Bangkok or The Complete First Season. Anyone who successfully assassinates Oijofor and retrieves the documents will earn the Casual Suit and Gloves outfit, assuming they don’t already own it. This mission also counts towards earning the Absolution Suit with Gloves, Blood Money Suit with Gloves, and Signature Suit with Gloves outfits, as well as the Terminus Suit and Winter Suit with Gloves outfits if the player achieves a Silent Assassin rating.

Hitman Elusive Target rewards

Hitman individual episodes and The Complete First Season are both available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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