Information posted on a Square Enix employee’s LinkedIn profile may have revealed there is another Kingdom Hearts title in the works other than Kingdom Hearts 3.

Originally reported by KH13, a description on the user’s profile lists them as having completed work for  “Kingdom Hearts 2.9” on the PS3 and PS4 systems. The profile lists this particular user as working on the title sometime between August 2014 and June 2015.

The users specific work on the title lists the following:

  • Game idea planning and documentation
  • Game Check and balance
  • Boss planning
  • Attraction Flow planning and documentation

It is unknown whether this title is real or fake, and if real, it is unclear what kind of title it would be. Many fans of the series have been clamoring for a port or HD remake of the first two titles in the series for the PS4 and Xbox One prior to the release of Kingdom Hearts 3. However, Square Enix has previously stated that they did not have plans to bring the titles to the current-gen systems.

The same Linkedin profile also revealed possible new exciting details for Kingdom Hearts 3. 

Is it all real, or just someone messing with our heads (and our hearts)? Give us your take on all the new information below.

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