The most recent entry in the long running Treehouse of Horror themed episodes of The Simpsons, which aired October 25th, references Bungie’s science-fiction shooter in its closing credits. Nick Conti, casting associate for The Simpsons, alluded to Destiny through listing his credit as Nick “Necrochasm” Conti with the parenthetical (still don’t have it) situated immediately below his name as pictured toward the end of this article. Necrochasm is the name of an exotic auto rifle from Destiny’s The Dark Below expansion pack. The weapon can be acquired through upgrading a certain auto rifle with a Crux or Crota, a material exclusively found in the hard version of the Croata’s End raid.

Conti’s playful reference even grabbed the attention of Bungie employee Eric Osborne who commented  on its inclusion in the Simpsons’ 26th Treehouse of Horror episode via his twitter account. This is not the first reference to Bungie’s Destiny outside the realm of the video game industry in October. Earlier this month, Destiny appeared as an answer to a question on the popular quiz show Jeopardy.

Much in the same way The Simpsons celebrate Halloween with a themed episode, Destiny too is hosting a Halloween themed event that will enable players to snatch new items, emotes, and more for a limited time.

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