Some smart cookie at Capcom figured people would want to purchase the T-Virus. A smarter cookie figured people want to smell like they have the T-Virus. These cookies are alright in my book. Capcom will be selling various bottles of ‘T-Virus’ fragrances, a virus that causes zombification in the fictional Resident Evil franchise.

The T-Virus is a bioweapon that was made during the events of the first few games and has been a synonymous virus strain name for the franchise. These fragrances can only be purchased in the Capcom Cafe in Saitama, Japan. Not only is the fragrance going up for sale, but a mock-up of a first aid spray is floating around as well at the Cafe.

The fragrance bottles will be sold at 4200 yen (roughly $38 USD) and will only be available in limited quantities starting from March 26th. The first aid spray doesn’t have a price point but is also available on that date.

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