There are a lot of League of Legends champions out there. Some are AP, some are tanks. Some are glass cannons and some you just never want to see in the game ever again (go home, Anivia, you’re drunk).

I have compiled a very well thought out list of my ten favorite champs, starting from less loved of the favorites to ”’OMG I need to play this or I get shunned back into bronze” (just kidding; I’m Bronze V) and why I have to play them all the time. If you have a list, feel free to compare.

#10 Heimerdinger – The Revered Inventor

Come on. You place down turrets and /d for the rest of the game. This little yordle scientist is someone that I enjoy playing on the rare occasion that I go midlane. Once, I was playing against a Yasuo and he reported me for ”being Heimerdinger”. Oh. I also had a mirror match against another Heimer and he was pushed completely to his turrets the entire time and didn’t leave lane except when I absolutely butchered him.

#9 Teemo – The Swift Scout

Everyone hates Teemo. I hate Teemo. He’s a jerk. He walks around with his quick little yordle legs and shoots you with poisonous darts and blinds you so you can’t basic attack anything. And then he goes invisible if he stands still for 3 seconds. Yeah. Great, right? Add that to his minefield of slowing, poisonous mushrooms and he’s totally fun to play against. RIGHT? This is why I play Teemo.

#8 Blitzcrank – The Great Steam Golem

Blitzcrank is cool. I don’t often play him when I’m supporting. But I’ll bring him out every once in a while. I suck at pulls, but I can land them every once in a while. I like to go full tank on him and just walk infront of minions all menacing like. It’s fun.

#7 Draven – The Glorious Executioner

Draven hits HARD. I absolutely despise playing against him. I like to scroll in all the way when I use his W. His head rolling all the way back is just funny to me. The only reason I don’t play him often is because I’m too lazy to catch his axes.

#6 Cassiopeia – The Serpent’s Embrace

I just started playing her in a few bot matches and I like her already. I enjoy watching her slither her way to midlane. Booty had me like 😮

#5 Gangplank – The Saltwater Scourge

I usually play Gangplank toplane, but I’ll bot with him if I’m playing with a friend. I like to shoot people in the face and give them scurvy. I got ganked once and they tower dove, but I ate oranges and it was ‘k. (Disclaimer: I wasted flash not long after and died regardless.)

#4.5 Shyvana – The Half-Dragon

The dragon lady. I spam W and burn everything in my path. I play her sort of the same way that I play Singed: movement speed/damage. Your Shyvana is better than mine, though.

#4 Nami – The Tidecaller

I LOVE playing Nami. She’s my favorite support by far. I made a friend rage quit once, cause my heals KSd first blood. I always go AP and movement speed on her. I usually have about 460 ms without using my E. You’re not eating any sushi today, chump.

#3 – Tristana – The Yordle Gunner

Bandle City’s sassiest yordle (I’m seeing a theme in this list..). She was the first champ that I ever got. I joined in Season 3 and she was free with the Riot Girl Tristana skin on League’s Facebook page. This was back when I didn’t know what last hitting was. I enjoyed her before the changes made to her, and I enjoy her now with the changes. She will always have a safe place in my heart. The day Riot removes her will be a sad day indeed.

#2 – Singed – The Mad Chemist

Ah, Singed. I never play him seriously. I start him off tanky as all hell, then build some AP and then movement speed. My Troll runepage and masteries page are reserved for him and him alone.

#1 – Jinx – The Loose Cannon

I started playing this totally cool and life sucking expensive free-to-play game in September 2013. Jinx came out shortly after. She was the first champ I had ever purchased; I bought the Mafia Jinx bundle. I played her for 8 months straight, not taking any other roles. If someone else had her, I would duo with Tristana much to my team’s displeasure. Now I only play her when I want a guaranteed win.

You may have noticed that I cheated a little and added an extra champ. Well, here’s another one:

ARAM – Warwick – The Blood Hunter

Four words: Coming for the booty.


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