Xbox One Deal

New Xbox One can be purchased at GameStop at discounted price.

GameStop is offering $250 in store credit when trading in a PS4 or Xbox One. In order to get the maximum amount of store credit, you have to have the controllers, wires, and console in working condition. After trading it in, and you’ll receive $250 in store credit. Then you can purchase the new Xbox One console with your new store credit and additional $100. After all, a new Xbox One console’s price is $350. This deal is good till November 15th.

There is alternate deal that will score you up to $100 in store credit after trading in a PS3 or Xbox 360. GameSpot says, “Credit must be applied toward the purchase of a new Ps4 or Xbox One system.” This deal is offered till November 21st 2015.

Also as you can see from above, when your purchase a new Xbox One console, it will come with a 2nd controller and free game. This deal will be offered from November 6th to 8th.