Hacked accounts are among the uncomfortable list of things in modern gaming that no one wants to ever have to deal with. That goes for gamers and companies like Sony. Looking to add one more layer of security to your PSN account, Sony is now offering the option for 2-step verification.

A method recognizable to most large MMO players, 2-step verification means you will access your account with both your password and a randomly generated code sent to you via text message. “By requiring two forms of identification for sign-in, your account and personal information will be better protected,” Sony states simply on the PlayStation account website.

To activate the new option all you have to do is go here, log in to you PSN account, click activate, and enter the mobile phone number to which you would like the passcodes sent each time you log in.

For those worried about the hassle, opting in for 2-step verification does log you out of the PSN, meaning you’ll have to log back in using the new system, but that is all. If you already have auto-sign in turned on, your PS4 will still connect to the PSN automatically each time you turn it on. And if you have Password at Checkout turned on, as long as you are already logged in, you will only have to enter your password, not the passcode.

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