Gamespresso is filled with many great staff members who have a devotion to all things video games. Where better to look for gamers to share thoughts about their favorite games of all time? This month Alana Fearnall talked about a true cult classic, Toejam & Earl.

So Alana, what is your favorite video game?

Although in the newer generations I’m partial to video games with a great story, I’d have to go with Toejam & Earl from the Sega Genesis era.

Great game. Is it safe to say that the first time you played Toejam & Earl it was on the Sega Genesis, rather than on a recent download?

That assumption would be correct. Although I will admit I do own the game on 3 different platforms.

A true fan at heart haha. So about how old were you when you first played the game?

I’m not exactly sure, but I’m going to guess around 4 – 6. I remember the game having a huge impact on my childhood, that’s for sure.

Wow! That’s younger than I thought. When I think of Toejam & Earl, I think of funk and hip-hop. Since you played at such a young age, and obviously enjoyed it, did it influence your music and fashion styles as well?

I wouldn’t say it influenced my sense of fashion that much, although I will admit I am jealous of Toejam’s ‘swag,’ as the young kids would call it. As far as music goes, most definitely. As my music tastes have become their own, rather than just a part of my family’s music tastes, I find myself listening to more funk. Usually when I’m writing for Gamespresso, I’ll turn on the Toejam & Earl soundtrack to play in the background.

These two had a great taste in music

These two had a great taste in music

Toejam definitely has great swag haha. It’s great to see a game excel in a separate field, such as music, but let’s get down to the gameplay. I’ve seen Toejam & Earl described as a dungeon crawler by some, but it seems so odd, considering the fact that you play as two aliens who crash landed on Earth. Do you agree with placing it in this category?

I think it’s suitable. If you think about it from their perspective, someone who just crash landed on Earth, that’d be scary. The twists that the creators put on people that we pass by everyday creates something so normal into monsters. And, with that in mind, I think it’s a very refreshing take to have a dungeon crawler outside of a dungeon for once.

That’s a fair assessment. The take Toejam & Earl had on pop culture and “normal” people is what makes it so timeless and a bit of a cult classic. When you play, do you prefer to go single player or cooperatively?

I don’t think playing Toejam & Earl single player gives it any justice. Playing the game cooperatively, they have one of the best ‘couch co-op’ designs we have seen, even all the way in 2015.

Toejam & Earl's split screen in action

Toejam & Earl’s split screen in action

Just another feature to prove Toejam & Earl is one of the best. You’ve given a great perspective on the title for those who have played and those who have not had the pleasure. To finish up, what would you say was the best moment you ever had playing Toejam & Earl?

Well, we all have to admit that anytime the Boogeyman shows up it’s one of the greatest moments. However, what trumps that is when you are almost finished the game and the console has an accidental shut off. Whether that’s a Sega Genesis that anytime it’s tapped it restarts or perhaps it’s the Wii, and someone shut off the power bar by mistake. Either way, those hours put into that gaming session, it’s all gone. And you have to start again. But for whatever reason, you always start again. I can confidently say I have never finished the game. I’ve come very close, but never finished it. Either way, I’ll be sure to play the game again soon for the coming of the sequel.

Excellent. I know we all can’t wait for those rapping aliens to get “Back in the Groove.” Thank you Alana for talking about your favorite game, Toejam & Earl.


The sequel that Alana mentioned is a new Toejam & Earl installment called, Toejam & Earl: Back in the Groove, which is in development, thanks to Kickstarter success. There is no word as of when the game will be released or for what systems, but be sure to check back here to find out.

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