Think about it. It makes so much sense. Rocksteady have previously been recognised for turning a superhero with few good video games into one of the most successful and critically acclaimed franchises of recent memory. With the Arkham series, not only did Rocksteady create three amazing games; they created experiences that made you feel like you were as close as you could get to being the Batman. The attention to detail and fiction is outstanding.

Now let’s discuss James Bond. I recently watched Dr. No and planned to watch all of the Bond films in chronological order in time for Spectre. Of course, time got the better of me and I haven’t watched any of the films post-Dr. No. Nevertheless, watching the first Bond film again and thinking about some of the great moments in Daniel Craig’s movies, I couldn’t help but feel that there is so much potential for an amazing 007 video game.

Of course, many have tried but unfortunately many have also failed, to capture the spirit of James Bond in video game form. Nightfire was a great game I remember playing as a kid, but with the exception of that and Goldeneye there have been few games to live up to the Bond name. From Russia With Love was average, Quantum of Solace was okay, Blood Stone was again, decent, but was based on a movie that never came out as Bizarre Creations failed to stamp their signature racing mechanics on the series. Don’t even get me started on the recent collection of famed Bond moments – a game so forgettable I cannot remember what it was called and a game so bland to look at I cannot be bothered to research it i’m such a great editor, right?.

Alas, if Rocksteady can turn Batman’s fortunes around, then why not the same for James Bond? All of the perfect scenarios are already in place. Stealth sections, action set-pieces, puzzle solving and more. That’s not to mention that if Arkham Knight proved anything it’s that the developers have gotten and handle on video game driving and car combat. Apply that to an Aston Martin and you’re away. The game wouldn’t even have to be based on a film like Spectre. The Arkham games were so great at putting players in the Arkhamverse but giving them a new story to explore. Why can’t the same happen with Bond? In fact, this would allow Rocksteady to be more creative with the setting and the characters by not being tied down to a preset script of events.

If you like my ideas, join me in a campaign I like to call: Project Spam Rockteady’s Email With James Bond Requests. It’s just the right thing to do.

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