Square Enix has announced ODEON presents Final Fantasy XV: Road to Release, a special event coming to theaters across the UK and Ireland.

Road to Release will take place in select ODEON cinemas in the UK and Republic of Ireland on November 22nd. The event will give fans the opportunity to come together and celebrate the upcoming Final Fantasy title. This includes a big screen broadcasting of a special live stream dedicated to Final Fantasy XV, which will feature new gameplay reveals and interviews with the game’s development team. Each ticket holder will also receive a goodie bag, and will be able to enjoy a viewing of Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV, complete with an introduction from director Takeshi Nozue.

To receive details on participating cinemas and purchase tickets for the event you can check here for the UK, and here for the Republic of Ireland.

Square Enix recently released a trailer showing how Moggles will work in Final Fantasy XV. Noctis will be able to toss a plush form of the franchise’s mascot into a group of enemies to have them attack the Moogle instead of the party. The Moogle will remain on the field until destroyed. Players should know, however, that not all enemies will be distracted.

Final Fantasy XV will release for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 29th.

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