A new trailer from Square Enix has just been released that showcases Final Fantasy XV Moogles and how they work in battle.

In the video below, we see that Noctis can toss one of the franchise’s staple mascots into a group of enemies to have the enemies attack the Moogle rather than the group. The Moogle itself is different in this iteration by resembling more of a stuffed plush toy than acting as an animated object like in previous entries. The Moogle will make squeaking noises and will remain in the field until it is destroyed.

The Moogle will distract most enemies, but smarter and more difficult enemies may not be fooled by its lovable nature. A tactic shown in the video is to toss a Moogle so all the enemies will group around it and proceed to throw magic at the group for mass devastation. Be aware, however, that any area of effect attacks that you throw will effect the Moogle as well.

Final Fantasy XV is set to launch November 29th. Read more on the ‘Omen’ trailer released this week, how HDR will be supported on both consoles, and how long you can expect to wait for a PC port of Final Fantasy XV here on Gamespresso.

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