In a recent interview, game director Hajime Tabata stated that it would take over a year in order to bring Final Fantasy XV to PC.

Speaking to Spanish site Vida Extra (translated by WCCFTech), Tabata stated that a PC port of Final Fantasy XV wont happen anytime soon. Even though the development team has hinted at a PC port, it would take over a year before it released.

“On the hypothesis, not talking about something real, just an idea, if we worked on a PC version what I have very clear is that we would work to provide a better version of what we have now on consoles,” Tabata stated. “We could say that something like this would take us more than a year. We should work to adapt the engine, which is very laborious, and from there to develop its course.”

Square Enix recently revealed how the Moogle that will appear in Final Fantasy XV. The game’s website states: “Moogle will appear in Final Fantasy XV as a lucky item! Take Moogle dolls and goods as your lucky charm to help avoid all kinds of troubles. Maybe Moogle will help out when Noctis and his friends are in a tight spot!” Square Enix also revealed Moogle Rewards, a prize system that is dependent on how many followers the English and Japanese FF XV Twitter accounts gain. The final reward shown is a “Moogle Movie,” which could be a video showing Moogle in the game.

Final Fantasy XV will release on November 29th for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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