Square Enix has revealed how the Moogles will look in Final Fantasy XV, and their function in the upcoming RPG.

After a 24-hour countdown, Square Enix has unveiled the Moogle. The Final Fantasy XV website states: “Moogle will appear in Final Fantasy XV as a lucky item! Take Moogle dolls and goods as your lucky charm to help avoid all kinds of troubles. Maybe Moogle will help out when Noctis and his friends are in a tight spot!”

Square Enix also announced Moogle Rewards, a Moogle-themed prize system that is dependent on how many followers the English and Japanese FF XV Twitter accounts gain. The final reward shown is a “Moogle Movie,” which could be a trailer showing off the Moogle in the game.

Square Enix recently released a new trailer for Final Fantasy XV showing off the “Death Spell.” The spell will drain an enemy’s life, and will eventually kill them if used long enough. During the spell’s animation, the targeted enemy will shrivel up and become weaker and more frail. The video description reads: “The longer you use the spell, the more your enemy will physically deteriorate.”

Final Fantasy XV will release on November 29th. The game will be released for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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