Square Enix has released a new trailer for Final Fantasy XV showing off “Death Spell” – a new type of magic tied to the Ring of the Lucii.

First shown at TwitchCon, this spell will drain enemies’ HP and eventually kill them if used long enough. During the animation, enemies will shrivel up and become more weak and frail. “The longer you use the spell, the more your enemy will physically deteriorate,” the video description reads.

During the TwitchCon showcase, presenters wanted to express that this spell would be late game only and limited to Noctis. The only way to cast this spell is through the Ring of the Lucii, so be prepared to use an equipment slot just for this deadly magic.

This spell isn’t limited to just monsters with muscle and bone however, in the trailer we get a glimpse of the mechanical walker and infantry surrendering to the same spell. Even the Iron Giant from the Platinum Demo makes a return, only to shrivel up and explode. We also get a peek at a new monster called a “Bandersnatch.” So if you are trying to keep spoilers to an absolute minimum, don’t watch the video below.

Pick up Final Fantasy XV for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 29th.

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