After confirmation of HDR support on the PS4, we have received confirmation that Final Fantasy XV will support High Dynamic Range on the Xbox One S as well.

This confirmation came directly from Head of Xbox Phil Spencer, as well as some comments on adding HDR support for games in general.

But what does this new information mean exactly in terms of graphical quality? High Dynamic Range is a technique that adds greater dynamic range of luminosity to a picture. This allows a HDR picture to show a lot more color and variation while a normal picture may only show smaller variations. This means that we will be able to view the image closer to the way our own eyes capture light and shadow creating a more realistic image. With HDR support, Final Fantasy XV will be able to create better colored imaged from scratch and not have to rely on a day one update for graphical improvements. In order to fully enjoy this support, players will need an HDR capable TV as well.

A mock-up from can be seen below, representing the overall difference gamers might expect between standard visuals and those taking advantage of HDR.

HDR example

Final Fantasy XV will be releasing worldwide on November 29th for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Read our recent update on Death Magic and how Moogles will work in the new RPG epic.