The cutesy Halloween RPG Costume Quest is to be made into a TV series for Amazon. The game, which first released in 2010, follows a group of trick-or-treaters as they explore their way through beautiful neighborhoods and battle against the evil Repugians.

Announced on Tumblr, The Frederator Studios (the team behind the psychedelic kids show Adventure Time) proudly describe their new project. They will be working closely with the game’s publisher Double Fine Productions, along with many of the creative talent behind the title. They promise the pilot to be ready to air sometime in 2018.

The Frederator Studios are pleased to be involved for the first time with Amazon and their streaming service, and their announcement is one big thank you to the numerous people who have helped them achieve their goal. Nothing as yet is revealed abut the show’s content. However, with it being based on the game, and with so many of Double Fine Studios involved in its creation, it is safe to assume that the humor and transforming action that is a hallmark of the title will be recreated closely.

Costume Quest 1 and 2 are available via Steam for Mac and PC, and also released for the PlayStation and Xbox consoles. The new show may be aimed at children with its animation style, but the influence of the game’s creators, plus a sprinkling of Adventure Time thinking, will certainly mean there will be plenty for the adults to enjoy too.

For any further news surrounding the upcoming show, check back to Gamespresso.

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