The generation of YouTubers has many big names who get literally billions of views on their channels between them. Arguably the most successful of them all is PewDiePie, but he has shocked the internet community with his announcement that he will be deleting his channel once he reaches 50 million subscribers.

The Swedish superstar has released a rant video describing the reasoning behind his decision. He cites a change in the way subscription feed works as a major problem for him. Not least, as he feels (along with other successful bloggers) that he has helped create the phenomenon of YouTube, and shape it into the massive influencer that it is in today’s world. According to PewDiePie, he was given no explanation or notice of the changes that have occurred to the website, something that he noticed initially due to his latest videos not getting close to the expected number of views for his content.

PewDiePie has set the landmark total of 50 million subscribers as the time for him to delete his channel. At the time of release, he is sitting at a massive 49,657,613 subscribers, and it probably wont be long until he hits the critical target.

All is not lost for fans of the highest earning YouTuber in history. He plans to start a new channel from scratch on the video sharing platform. Clearly he sees the success too much to turn his back on for good, but he has strong words for the team at YouTube on how they run their website. Perhaps they would do well to listen to the influential members of their community, or else face the prospect of losing these valuable contributors, and therefore valuable revenue.

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