Oculus announced at their recent press conference that they will have a virtual storefront, much like Steam, where players can try and buy games without ever taking off their headset. The service is called Oculus Home and (as the name implies) it will be your home screen when you put the headset on.

Players can access their games library and the Oculus store, presumably using the Xbox One controller or Oculus Touch controllers to navigate. There will be a friends list, which will show what games they are playing.

Users will be able to preview games directly from the headset.  Oculus Vice President of Product Nate Mitchell explained, “You can’t convey what a VR game is like with a video or screenshot, but now we can put you right in the game.”

With its bevy of announcements, including motion controllers, a Microsoft partnership, and Oculus Home, hopefully we’ll see some exciting games announced at E3!


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