When news broke that Oscar nominated director, Spike Lee, would be writing and directing the story mode of NBA 2K16, basketball fans and players of the series became very excited. Spike Lee is also known for being a loyal fan to the New York Knicks, as further evidence to him being the right man for the job.

Last week, Lee shared a glimpse of his plans for NBA 2K16 when he revealed the first of his 3-part miniseries, highlighting cover athlete Steph Curry. This week, James Harden takes front stage with part 2 titled, “James Harden: Believe.” The digital short shows Harden’s rise to frame to Arizona State, being drafted, and eventually becoming the face and hope of the Houston Rockets.

NBA 2K16 will release September 29th for PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, and PS3.

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