Recently, commercials for the new game Splatoon have been popping up lately. The first commercial was released in Japan with two commercials coming out to the US a few days later.

The first commercial shown below is the Japanese commercial. In my my opinion this is the most creative one. It starts out with a normal Japanese city and then inky chaos ensues and the whole town becomes covered in different colored ink. The camera follows something swimming through the ink and a squid emerges. Then an Inkling girl drops from the sky and splats the camera with ink. This is very creative and definitely got fans from around the world excited.


This next commercial was released in the US a few days later. This one shows actual game play with a song about the game called “Splat The World.” While it looks well made, it looks more targeted towards children. Now before you try to rip my head off down in the comments, I know that Nintendo’s target audience is children, it’s just that the adults who want to play this game have called this commercial ‘cheesy’ but everyone is still excited for the game to release.


The most recent commercial has a music that is more cheesy than the last. The song is called “Squid Kid” and shows off how your character can turn into a squid and swim through the ink. It shows how you can swim across the ground or up and down walls. While this is another silly commercial that Nintendo has produced, the music nails the atmosphere of the game perfectly.


With the Splatoon release date just around the corner, we may or may not see another commercial pop up.

What do you think about these commercials? Which one is the best and which one is the worst?

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