Don Bluth and Gary Goldman, animation movie veterans, created a Kickstarter on October 26, 2015 with the hopes of raising enough funds to begin the process of making an animated version of Bluth’s 1983 Dragon’s Lair arcade game. Seeking to hit $550,000 in order to make a 10 minute trailer to entice viewers and financial backers with the potential of a feature length film, the duo’s kickstarter has surpassed $100,000 and 1,100 backers as of the time this article is published. Having animated movie features such as The Secret of NIHM, An American Tail, The Land Before Time, All Dogs Go To Heaven, and Anastasia in their credentials, the possibility of a full length Dragon’s Lair movie is in appropriate hands but will enough fans and financial backers support the duo’s project to turn their idea into a movie reality?

According to Bluth and Goldman’s Kickstarter page, Dragon’s Lair, with its tale about Dirk the Daring saving the princess Daphne from the clutches of the evil dragon Singe,  has “an extremely loyal fan base – now estimated to be in the millions and with each generation it has picked up even more fans. And after 30 years, the game continues to sell as an app for smart phones, smart tablets and personal computers. Fans have been begging us to do a major motion picture. Just like Dirk the Daring, a character that just won’t die, the game marches on – it’s time to make the movie!”

With 25 days left to reach their $550,000 goal, the duo seem to be on track to receive sufficient financial backing to make the initial teaser trailer. Check out their Kickstarter to acquire more information on the project and see how Bluth and Goldman are rewarding those who back their work.

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