1st of May! First Friday of the month! It means new Monster Hunter 4U DLC is out now ladies and gents! Here’s a video of the DLC

And here’s a run down of what to expect:

-Quests to unlock the Megaman costume for your Palico
-Quests to unlock the Chun Li and Blanka costume for your Palico
-Quest to unlock Hunter armor based on Metroid including the Power suit and Zero Suit
-Quest to unlock the Taiko drums as a hammer weapon
-Quests unlocking Universal Studios Japan collaborated armor set and axe
-3rd Episodic questline
-Some new challenge quests to test your mettle
-A yellow Palico with the gathering Forte
-Several new titles and extras to decorate your Guild Cards

And that’ll be all for May! Stay tuned for next month and happy hunting! Time to dress my hunter in the zero suit like the burly man he is!

Here are links to the past two DLC packs: April, March

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