If you haven’t at least seen the intro to an episode of Game of Thrones then it’s likely you have been living under a rock for the last few years. Instantly recognisable yet relatively simple in its design the intro takes you on a tour of the locations in the show.

Well YouTuber Marc Ottensmann has combined the iconic intro with World to Warcraft to bring a unique World Of Thrones video out.

He said “It started already a year ago but got serious in the last months when I [chose] it to be my final project for my animation course at university. It’s neither as great as the original intro from the TV series, nor as great as the game, but I tried to make something I can be satisfied with. And maybe, there will be a (better) Season 2 of World of Thrones. We will see”.

Check out the video here:

Unfortunately the video ends rather abruptly which a lot of people instantly picked up on in the comments section of the video but Marc insists that was due to getting the video done for a deadline he had set. Hopefully he will return to the idea in the future to explore more areas from the World of Warcraft canon.

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