Comic Con 2015 is in full swing so the movie news keeps on flowing. Not least of all from the team behind the World of Warcraft movie. Director Duncan Jones was on hand at the Legendary Pictures booth to discuss the movie, where they’re up to at the moment and where they may be going next.

After confirming that he is only 10 VFX shot short of completing the movie he went on to discuss how he and story chief at Blizzard Chris Metzen have got some solid ideas of where to go in a possible second and third Warcraft movie. Although Jones is very eager to be the mind behind all three movies, there is another film he wants to shoot before he begins any work on future Warcraft projects.

So what could the future movies be about? We know the first one is set around the first war and we’ve seen shots and cast lists of whose in it but where do the go from there? Will we see any of the plot from Tides of Darkness? Beyond the Dark Portal? Or could it even go as far ahead as The Frozen Throne? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


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