Which Final Fantasy should get the HD treatment?

HD remakes are starting to make a breakthrough with the Final Fantasy franchise. The most recent HD remake for the franchise is Final Fantasy X and X-2 with its arrival on PS4 coming very soon on May 12. The game originally came out on PS2 in 2001 and the first sequel in 2003. So which other game should join Final Fantasy X on these current gen consoles? Well, the choices could be endless and the vast majority of the community want a Final Fantasy VII remake (for a very long time now), as well as Final Fantasy type-0 which was released back in March.

I personally am stuck between two games: Final Fantasy XII and Final Fantasy VI. Now these games are entirely different (graphics, content etc.). Both of these games would be great choices to join Final Fantasy X with the HD remaster title. Final Fantasy VI would excite lots of older players to see this game remade with 3D graphics, and even show today’s youth how enjoyable VI is in modern times. Final Fantasy XII would be  great to remake because of how fun it is and its extensive amount of content.

How difficult would it be to remake these games? Well, comparing the two, they both have entirely different tasks to complete. Final Fantasy VI is flat 2D game, so remaking into 3D would be very difficult and would most likely require starting from scratch. Final Fantasy XII, on the other hand, may be a tad easier since it already has 3D models and Square could do something similar to what they did with FF X HD.

How long would it take? Well, depending on how long these games are, it could be awhile for either game. Final Fantasy XII is a lot longer than Vim so giving the HD treatment to XII could be a while. Final Fantasy VI may have to be built from scratch so the process could be the same for either game.

Well, Final Fantasy VI or XII is what I would like to see as a remake and that’s all I have to say on subject.

What game would you like want to be given the HD treatment? Should it be a game from the main series or a spin-off?

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