If you’ve been feeling down about your inability to livestream things at 60fps on YouTube then now is your time to rejoice! To please the gamer masses who have swarmed YouTube and flooded it with content in recent years YouTube has recently added the ability to livestream content in 60FPS forHTML5-compatible browsers.

For those of you who have always believed that HTML5 would eventually catch on now is the time when it may finally be!

From now on when you start a stream in 60fps, anyone watching it will be able to choose to watch in in 720p60 or 1080p60! So for those of you who were worried about your viewers missing a single frame of your epic 360 no scopes worry no more. And now if you run a little late to your favorite player’s stream it will be alright!

YouTube has also brought on the feature to be able to rewind and fast forward a stream while it is live so you don’t miss a second of the action! This all will only be available to users who have HTML5 compatible browsers though, so it may be time for you to hit that update button that’s been flashing in the corner for a few years.

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