Nathan Fillion, who plays Hunter Vanguard Clayde-6 in Destiny, is at throwing around some intertextual referencing once again. This time, instead of the usual Firefly reference, he opted for name-dropping Destiny in the latest episode of the crime drama Castle. And it’s just as awesome as you think.

In Castle Nathan Fillion plays mystery novelist Rick Castle, who helps the NYPD, and specifically Detective Kate Beckett, solve murders from a writer’s point of view. In the latest episode, “The Wrong Stuff”, the duo investigate the case of an astronaut who was murdered in a Mars simulation – perfect grounds for bringing up Destiny.

The case sparks up a conversation between Castle, Beckett, and Kevin Ryan about going to Mars, and having a sense of adventure. When Ryan states that he has no desire to go to Mars, the direction in which Fillion steers the conversation is nothing short of brilliant.


“Where’s your sense of adventure? Of exploration? Of… Destiny…”

In the past, Fillion has referenced Firefly in Castle and in Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, but referencing Destiny is my new favourite. I could watch that clip on repeat for hours.

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