Mortal Kombat has recently added several new characters including new star, Jason Voorhees from the Friday 13th movie franchise. Mortal Kombat X has been having a free weekend to allow unsure players a chance to test out the character to see if they feel it’s worth buying.

Mortal Kombat developers, NetherRealm Studios, is making good on it’s promise to let players try DLC characters without actually buying them. A challenge tower for Jason Vorhees is currently available to all players and will be open until Monday (tomorrow) for all those who want to try out that character.

The challenge towers rotate regularly to allow users to try out different DLC characters in special fights with specific conditions. The Jason Vorhees tower includes 6 matches and allows you to try it with each of the characters fighting styles; Mortal Kombat X is certainly allowing players to see if there’s a fighting style they like and see if a character is for them.

Other premium characters will be available to test out this weekend including The Predator, Tremor and Tanya; no doubt they will all be testable at a later date also. If you decide you like the characters you can buy all of them in the Kombat Pack for $30 along with a bunch of extra skins for those players who want to look good whilst killing people.

If you haven’t checked out the characters yet then you should definitely go do that even if you don’t intend to buy them; the different characters are all nice additions to Mortal Kombat X and enjoyable to play even if only once.

Have you tested any characters out yet? Let us know what you thought of them!

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