In EDG’s first match of MSI 2015, the analysts predict an EDG win by far. EDG bans Zed, Gragas and Twisted fate and AHQ ban Leblanc, Annie and Rek’sai.

Relatively safe first few minutes, but Mountain wastes his flash in the top lane to try to kill Koro. First blood is only drawn at 5:25 where Deft dies. Meiko follows suit at 5:43. The next 4 minutes are quiet until AN, Albis, Deft, Mountain, Clearlove and Ziv die at once. It was a 4 for 2 for EDG. Deft gets a double kill at 15:00 and Koro is on a killing spree. EDG gets dragon at 15:25.

At 22:50, Meiko, Ziv, Albis, AN and Mountain go down. It was such a chaotic team fight! Just 3 minutes later, EDG aces AHQ, losing only Pawn and Deft from their own team. At 29:36, Mountain dies, Koro takes down westdoor and Ziv goes down.

Koro gets a triple kill at 31:25 and Deft kills Albis just because he can. EDG gets baron at 32 minutes and by then it’s 23-9 in favor of EDG.

At 34:00, AN, westdoor, Mountain, Albis and Ziv die. Pawn dies on EDG, but it was an easy ace for them in AHQ’s base.

GG EDG at 34:57!


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