Destiny’s Armsday events, which increase reputation with the gunsmith, are arriving a week before The Taken King expansion in next week’s patch.

Armsday events allow players to complete challenges attached to certain weapons. Completing them will unlock Foundry orders. By making Foundry orders, players can guarantee the arrival of a decent weapon the following week. The feature, which will be a part the major expansion, will be arriving early according to The Taken King executive producer Mark Noseworthy via Twitter.

Field test weapons are part of the changes coming to Destiny next week. Other changes include a new light system, a new voice actor, and PvP content.

Destiny’s The Taken King expansion releases on September 15th. It was announced that all players can play the new Crucible maps and modes the week before The Taken King releases. It was also announced that the latest raid for the game will be released a few days after the expansion.

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