North American Rejects v2 is the team that could; missing out on besting compLexity Gaming in the TI5 qualifiers in their bracket, they’ve been given a chance to play off for the wild card seat. Team Archon; who was primarily a Hearthstone eSports team picked NAR V2 up and has now rebranded the team’s name to “Team Archon”.

The line up will contain the former members of NAR: Chris ‘USH’ Usher, Steven ‘Korok’ Ashworth, Arif ‘MSS’ Anwar, Scott ‘chad’ Jensen and Ionnas ‘Fogged’ Loucas. Further, Jared ‘PandaEgo’ Fletcher will be coach, Robert ‘Bdiz’ Tinnes is the team analyst and Greg ‘WhatIsHip’ Laird will be manager for the new team.

Initially in 2014, the team was sponsored by Na’Vi to become Na’Vi US and had since disbanded and rebanded into NAR v2 and then Archon. During the teams run, they had successfully beaten the NA TI4 qualifiers last year against Team Liquid and won the Dota 2 Canada Cup.

The team is still going strong and having a sponsorship before TI5 is definitely going to help, especially with the revelation that the team would have access to a vigorous bootcamp training laid out by Archon and will be in deep training to prepare for TI5.

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