An absolutely intense match between FNC and AHQ.

FNC bans Twisted Fate, Maokai and Zed and AHQ bans Leblanc, Azir and Gragas. Fnatic is currently 1-0 in the series so if they won this one, they would be in first place.

Westdoor grabs Fizz against Febiven’s Cassiopeia which the casters predict is a very dangerous choice on his part.

At just one minute into the game, Albis gets first blood on Steeelback. Later, Mountain ganks bottom lane. AN kills Steelback, and Yellowstar just barely gets out alive with a sliver of health. At 4:48, Reignover heads mid and gets a kill on westdoor.

A minute later, Mountain goes botlane and dies. Albis gets a double kill on Steeelback and YellowStar. westdoor gets a kill on Reignover. At 7:30, Huni is able to kill Albis with ignite, but it was a really close call.

The most memorable play of the game would probably be at 16:25. Ziv escapes a gank toplane with little health, thanks to the cooldown on his hop. He’s able to jump right behind his turret, and FNC backs off.

At 18:50, Febiven dies to westdoor and Reignover, Huni and Steeelback go down to AHQ as well. AHQ gets a free baron at 24:30. Westdoor is dominating as he kills Huni. Steeelback is 0-5 at this point. If Rekkles was playing, do you think it would have been a different game completely?

AHQ pushes into FNC’s base at 27:30. Chaos ensues; westdoor kills Reignover, AN kills Steeelback and Ziv kills Febiven.

AHQ takes the nexus at 31:46. GG AHQ!

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