The theaters have been continuously flooding with young adult trilogies and superhero series, and in turn, box office revenue.  Because of this, Universal Studios has decided to turn back to the classics for their next blockbuster, or blockbusters, rather.  They’re bringing back the monsters, the things that don’t so much as go bump in the night as they do go crashing through the walls and windows…at night.

The first to step up to the plate is The Mummy, with Alex Kurtzman at the helm to direct.  Many speculations have been going around Tom Cruise becoming the lead for the film, a place once taken by Brendan Fraiser in the last series. However, Universal and those representing Cruise have denied these claims.

The Mummy

The very first “Mummy” was made in 1932, starring Boris Karloff as our favorite man-in-linen!

This time around, The Mummy will be set in present day, as opposed to the mid-1920’s.  It is set to premier March 24, 2017.  Although that may be subject to change as the film is still in its early stages of production, planning to start their filming in mid-February of next year.  Jon Spaihts, known for writing the screenplays of Prometheus and The Darkest Hour, is the screenwriter, though any details as far as story line goes are not being revealed at this time.

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