There has been a number of stories surrounding Adam Sandler’s latest film, The Ridiculous 6. Many Native Americans walked off the set when they thought their culture was being disrespected. Today, however, good news surrounds Sandler’s first Netflix original.

Contrary to The Ridiculous 6‘s critical reception, the film is number 1 on Netflix and has the most views of Netflix film on Netflix within the first 30 days of it being released. Ted Sarandos, the Chief Content Officer for Netflix, gave this news at CES this week. He also stated, “”It’s also enjoyed a spot at No. 1 in every territory we operate in, and in many of them it’s still No. 1.”

This news really speaks volumes for marketing and star power. Obviously Adam Sandler’s fans still want more from the goofy guy. The Ridiculous 6 is still on Netlfix if you’d like to check it out for yourself.

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