As the countdown to the World of Warcraft’s first movie, Warcraft, continues, the excitement for the film seems to be increasing.   This week, Blizzard released the teaser for the actual trailer which is expected to drop Friday.  Already we can see just how action packed this epic film is going to be.   The film is being directed by Duncan Jones and stars Paula Patton, Ben Foster and Dominic Cooper.    Earlier this week, Blizzard released a new movie poster:



It also seems that the film will be presented in a way for everyone to enjoy it, not just fans of the game.  Jones said in an interview with the Verge that “it was imperative that we came up with a story which stood in its own right.”   If it does well, this film could inspire  a whole new generation of people to sign up and play World of Warcraft, which will be helpful for the company considering their steady loss of subscribers since 2010.

The movie is set to debut in theaters this summer with an expected release date of June 10.

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