2015 may be coming to a close, but there is one last Game of the Month article before the new year. I reached out to video producer Jorge Moss about his favorite game.

So Jorge, what is your favorite game of all time?

My favorite game of all time, until recently, was difficult to decide. I’ve always loved games of all types, but, it has to be Half-Life 2. Definitely.

I know a good number of people who would have to share your sentiments on that choice. Half-Life 2 definitely has a strong cult following that’s kept it’s name strong for some time. Did you play the title when it first came out on PC in 2004, or did you pick it up later?

Being only 17 I didn’t know about the game until one of my friends started playing it in 2010. He ranted and raved about it being an excellent game so, when I got my first gaming laptop in 2012, I decided to pick up the Orange Box for PC. I played a game that was, at that point, 8 years old and it was instantly my favourite game ever. A testament to it’s excellence really.

It certainly does stand the test of time. Seeing as how, by then, there were so many other first person shooters, including many alien invasion ones, how did Half-Life 2 stick out for you, even so many years past its release?

Well, before playing it I picked up the demo, very short, no combat, but the setting captivated me. The derelict eastern blocks with the alien cameras and the whole almost neo-totalitarian feel. The physics based puzzles with the gravity gun and the compelling nature of the characters completely awed me. This isn’t mentioning the game manages to not break the suspension of disbelief once despite being relatively insane in nature. It really does come across as if it’s crafted by a genius.


Big brother is always watching

For many, if there is a game to call genius, it would be this one. I believe many developers, as well as gamers, see the brilliance behind this game. What titles that came later do you think were influenced by Half-Life 2 and how?

Well, this game effected the industry very widely. I think it had a massive impact on both survival horror and FPS games, with it’s mixture of physics based puzzles. I do think it partially inspired Call of Duty and other FPS games with an obligatory, almost shoe-horned in vehicle and turret section to try and diversify gameplay. I also believe that the game led to other source titles, such as Counter Strike Source. It very possibly laid the ground work too for more sandbox survival with the strong physics aspect, as well as the diversity of gameplay and different sections throughout the game demonstrating a good mix of genres. There are so many things I could say for this, from the concentration on atmosphere, to the believability of characters, with the subtlety of story telling setting a benchmark for future games of all genres. It’s difficult to over state it’s importance.

The atmosphere and characters of Half-Life 2 truly are amazing. It helps set a tone of the game that always has you wondering what’s around the corner and feeling for all of the humans involved. That being said, do you think this game would make a good movie? I know video game movies don’t have a great record, but in a perfect world, who would you want to play Gordon Freeman?

Probably Hugh Laurie. Or Michael Fasbender. They both have the right look, each could be differently aged versions! I’m not too sure though. I think it’s success as a movie would really hinge on who did the movie though, if they concentrated on atmosphere and characterisation, great, just don’t make it explody. Gabe Newall, CEO of Valve did actually announce a while ago, with JJ Abrams, that they would work together on a movie or game, or both, so I have hope all the way.

This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship

This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship

I think Fassbender is a great pick. Seeing as how he is in the Assassin’s Creed movie, you know it’s up his alley. Speaking of keeping high hopes, do you believe there will eventually be a Half-Life 3? What would you like to see in that game if it comes to fruition?

I believe eventually. If I were optimistic i’d say it would come soon with Source 2 coming out now, or perhaps HTC Vive and Steam VR. Theres been so many clues and hints that never led to anything though I just really don’t hold out too much. I do wish for an end to the meme and mocking from my friends that the community have waited so long though. To answer the second part though, I’d definitely love to see that game. I’m not sure if there are many people who wouldn’t like that. It would be like catching a unicorn or high-fiving Jesus, how could you say no? I’d like to see a move towards other areas of the world though, keeping similar gameplay elements and expanding on others perhaps. Maybe VR! I’d like that. I would perhaps like a meet up with Chell from Portal though, maybe in a tie-in game, because they’ve been confirmed to be set in the same world.

Fingers crossed. That would absolutely be a dream come true. Finally Jorge, what was your most memorable moment playing Half-Life 2?

There’s many moments that are amazing, from using the over super charged Gravity Gun, to going through Ravenholm with the horrificness of the zombies and head crabs. Number one though has to be a simple one. Stepping out into the square of City 17 for the very first time. That was what hooked me. But there are so many in that game though, its unbelievable.

The famous Gravity Gun put to work

The famous Gravity Gun put to work

Yes, everything you mentioned are truly amazing sights to see for the first time. Everyone should do their best to experience it for themselves. Thank you Jorge for talking to me about your favorite game, Half-Life 2.

You’re very welcome Christopher. Most people role there eyes when I start discussing Half-Life. Thank you very much.

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