Warcraft, the movie, was a moderate success in the box office when it released last year. The story of the humans of Azeroth, with the help of a dissenting Orc and his clan, to defeat the evil horde was visually stunning, if not entirely gripping. The film’s director Duncan Jones, has hinted on Twitter that a sequel could well be coming.

Jones was asked by a fan on Twitter, who had seen Warcraft several times at an iMAX cinema, “WHERE IS MY SEQUEL?” Jones, whose other films include Moon and Source Code, responded by saying “I’d love it to happen!” He then put the onus onto the film’s production company by saying, “Just waiting on @Legendary.” This answer shows that the discussion about a sequel has already started, and that Legendary are mulling over the idea.

Warcraft took us to the land of Azeroth and introduced us to many of the beasts and creatures that appear in the hugely successful computer game franchise. Critics were impressed with the effort put into the movie in terms of visual effects, but some felt that Jones had almost too much to try and fit in into one movie.

Fans on the Twitter feed were less critical, and the support from the community certainly appears to be there for a Warcraft 2. If Jones can get the nod from Legendary, or indeed Blizzard themselves can fund the movie, there is potentially lots more Warcraft stories that can be told. “The wartime high fantasy film lacks the setup that Lord of the Rings has,” our own review reads, “but offers incredible fight scenes and an entertaining plotline.”

For any news relating to the prospect of a return to Azeroth, and the evil designs Warlock Gul’dan has for the realm of men and elves, then be sure to stay tuned to Gamespresso.

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