League Championship Series Summer Split started yesterday for the North American region, and with it we were introduced to Incarnati0n for Cloud 9 and welcomed Pobelter for Counter Logic Gaming, both midlaners.

The matchups were Cloud 9 vs Team SoloMid, Team Liquid vs Team Dragon Knights, Counter Logic Gaming vs Team Dignitas, Team 8 vs Team Implulse  and Gravity vs Enemy Esports.

This was Incarnati0n’s introductory match on the NA LCS stage. He had a relatively rough early game going against Bjergsen. The game was slow with barely any kills for the first 30 minutes. Both teams played really well and Incarnati0n definitely made his presence known. Day 2 will be exciting to watch. Cloud 9 beat Team SoloMid 15/10 after 45:19 of playing.

In TL’s match against TDK, Piglet snagged himself a quadra kill which was nice to see, especially after being benched for a small amount of time earlier this year. Team Liquid came out victorious. Counter Logic Gaming won their match against Dignitas. Pobelter seems to be fitting in just fine with the team. You would forget, while watching the game, that Link was no longer part of the team.

Team Impulse won their match against Team 8, though T8 played really well, with Slooshi getting a triple kill. The most surpriseing match of the day was probably Gravity and Enemy eSports. NME is a brand new team coming to LCS for the first time this split. Gravity has a lot of veterans on the team, so you would think it was an easy match. After 42 minutes, NME took down Gravity’s nexus winning them the game. Otter, NME’s adc, had 10 kills and one death on Vayne.

GG all teams, we’re looking forward to watching Day 2!

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