Put on your racing gloves, strap on your helmets, and prep your steering wheels because we’ve gotten new information on the Need for Speed reboot! While the reboot was only recently announced as even being created and we’ve been told it’s being built by Ghost Games studios we really weren’t told much more than that. Now however thanks to one very quick Redditor, we have a little more information about the game!

This is a screenshot taken from the Microsoft Xbox site which was most likely leaked on purpose though who knows perhaps single incompetent web developer just happened to publish the page on accident, but at this point the page is gone and the point is moot. What is important is that we now have a possible release date for the upcoming game! The page says the game is to be released November 3rd, 2015. Personally this is much closer than what I was expecting and it means I’ll be dusting off my Thrustmaster equipment much sooner than I thought.

The description for the game says there are going to be five game modes which are “Speed, Style, Build, Crew and Outlaw” and all of it will take place in a sandbox West Coast urban setting. While none of what the screenshot says is set in stone it is quite exciting to see some more information to come out about it!



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