Dying Light will be getting a new DLC pack and patch that will be available March 10 in the US and March 14 in Europe and will include an all new Hard Mode.

The Ultimate Survivor DLC features three new outfits and four new weapons.  Players can now don the Ninja, Secret Agent, and Urban Explorer costumes as they fight through hordes of zombies with the all-new Buzzkiller, The Constable, Nightclub, and The Lacerator.

Players can also test their skills with Dying Light’s all new Hard Mode in the most recent update for the game.  This new difficulty setting will increase the danger of nightfall, making nights twice as long and removing Volatiles from the player’s minimap.  Enemy strength and speed has also been increased, melee combat requires more precision when aiming to be effective, and the game is no longer paused while opening the inventory. All of these features will be available, amongst others, in patch 1.4.  Techland promises that more expansions to the mode are coming.

Additionally, the patch includes nearly twenty new outfits, new weapons, and a new weapon class called “the gold tier.”  Weapons of this class are extremely rare and extremely powerful.

For a full rundown of all of the patch’s new features, check out the video below to see Techland’s Community Manager, Michal Napora, dishing out all the details.  And for more news on Dying Light, stay here at Gamespresso.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8VBtSPDOYk]


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